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Martin Marques


I'm a [REDACTED] years old Brazilian Game Designer, nice to meet you!

On this website you will find a recollection of my work, as well as some contact info.

And what work do you ask, well, I do have many side projects besides gaming that might peak your interest!

So, what do I do for living? Well, is easier to ask what I DON'T do.

Take a look:

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O Guia do Iniciante

You can also find some minor works of mine like:

Game Mods






Game Related Videos



Like what you see? Fell free to contact me at my e-mail:

You can also check out my social media, if you're into that kind of thing:

LinkedIn: m3ny0    Mastodon:    Twitter: _m3ny0    Facebook: m3ny0    Instagram: _m3ny0    Medium: m3ny0    Metacritic: m3ny0    IMDb: m3ny0

So... that's it!

I hope you enjoyed my little website, I made it myself!

Thanks for the visit and I hope to see you soon~